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Shooting Ranges
Shooting Ranges

AGFC Ranges

  • Fiocchi Shooting Sports Complex, Mayflower

    Fiocchi, Presenting Sponsor of Recreational Shooting Rifle, pistol, skeet, trap, known distance archery and 3-D archery

    Address: 574 Clinton Road, Conway, AR 72032
    Phone: 501-229-8194
    Hours: 8:30 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday, except state holidays

    The Fiocchi Shooting Sports Complex is 5 miles east of Mayflower, just north of Hwy. 89 on Camp Robinson Special Use Area. The range is open to the public 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Wednesday-Sunday. Shooting guests must register no later than 3:45 p.m. Shooting ends at 4:10 p.m. The range may be closed for state holidays, foul weather, special events or other circumstances that may prevent the safe operation of the firing range. Please check the range calendar for availability.

    The facility offers a 50-yard pistol range, a 200-yard rifle range, skeet, trap, known-distance and 3-D archery ranges. Fees are $3 per person for pistol and rifle ranges and $4 per 25-shot round for skeet and trap. 3-D archery is free, although archers must register in the range house prior to shooting. Range fees include targets, eye and ear protection and clays for skeet or trap. Spotting scopes are available for rent for $2. Ammunition is not sold at the facility. Firearms are not available for purchase or rent at the facility. The range accepts cash or check, but no credit or debit cards, for payment.

    General Range Rules

    • Violation of any range rule may result in loss of range privileges.
    • No uncased or un-holstered firearms are allowed in the range house without prior approval of the range officer.
    • No loaded firearms, including concealed, enhanced concealed and open carry, are allowed to be taken to or from the firing line. All firearms must be unloaded and made safe prior to entering or leaving the firing line. Loaded firearms, including concealed, enhanced concealed or open carry, must be unloaded and made safe at the clearing station, which is located on the east side of the range house, and checked by the range officer prior to any customer proceeding to the firing line. After leaving the firing line, customers may reload and re-holster their carry weapon either at the clearing station or once they are inside their vehicle.
    • No drawing and firing from the holster allowed. This includes concealed, enhanced concealed and open carry customers. Refer to above rule if a concealed carry holder wishes to shoot his/her carry weapon.
    • No firearms may be handled on the firing line while the range is clear.
    • No tracer or incendiary ammunition of any kind is allowed on the range.
    • Shooters must register in the range office before proceeding to the firing line. During busy times, range officers may assign lanes for customers.
    • Shooters are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    • Any person causing a disturbance may be instructed to leave the property.
    • Persons that have not paid to use the range must remain behind the chain-link fence at all times.
    • Minimum age to shoot unaccompanied is 16 years old for rifle and shotgun and 18 years old for handgun. Minimum age to shoot or enter the firing line is 6 years old. Anyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult (21 years old or older). Shooters under 16 years old must remain with an adult while on the firing line.
    • No rapid fire (more than 1 shot per second) allowed.
    • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances (drugs) allowed on range property. Persons under the influence, or suspected to be under the influence, of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to shoot.
    • No smoking allowed on any firing line. Smokers must go to designated smoking areas to smoke.
    • Range users are liable for any damage they cause to AGFC property.
    • Return all equipment (spotting scopes, rifle rests, etc.) to the range office before leaving. Target frames on the rifle range should be returned to the assigned shooting bay. Pistol range target frames should be returned to the 7 yard line.
    • During business hours, customers may only retrieve their own brass. Discarded brass may be picked up after hours on a first-come, first-serve basis.


    Rifle and Pistol Range Rules

    • No more than two shooters are allowed at each rifle bench. Additional shooters in the party must stay back at the fence on benches provided until it is their turn to shoot.
    • Only one rifle at a time may be fired from each bench.
    • Firearms are to remain unloaded until the muzzle is pointed down range in the ready-to-fire position. Muzzleloaders may not be capped until they are pointed down range.
    • When the range officer clears the range, all rifles must be unloaded and placed in the gun rack with actions open. Pistols must be placed on the firing table and unloaded with slides locked back, magazines out and cylinders open.
    • Do not step forward of the firing line until the range officer has given permission.
    • No firearm may be handled on the firing line while the range is clear.
    • No holstered handguns or quick-draw allowed on the firing line.
    • No human silhouette, zombie or any other human-form targets allowed.


    Skeet and Trap Range Rules

    • Shooters must be accompanied by an individual capable of operating range controls.
    • Firearms must remain unloaded with the action open until it is time to shoot.
    • Firearms may be loaded only while the shooter is on a firing station with the muzzle pointed down range.
    • Only one shell may be loaded at a time. Two shells may be loaded if shooting doubles on the skeet range.
    • Shooters must dispose of spent/empty shotgun shells in trash cans provided on the range.
    • Skeet and trap ranges are subject to closure during inclement weather, including rain and thunder storms.


    Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is not liable for any personal injury and/or death, or damage to any personal property while on AGFC-controlled ranges or property.

  • Jack Cox Scatter Creek Firing Range, Paragould

    Rifle and pistol only

    Address: Northwest of Paragould in Greene County
    No Phone: This is an unmanned range
    Hours: Sunrise to sunset unless otherwise noted

    Jack Cox Scatter Creek Firing Range is northwest of Paragould in Greene County. The range offers a place to shoot for fun as well as to get ready for upcoming hunting seasons. Any legal firearm and ammunition may be used on the firing range. Please read the list of rules below before traveling to the range.

    To reach the firing range, take Hwy. 49 north out of Paragould; take Hwy 135 north; go 5 miles and turn west on Hwy 34; go 3.5 miles to William E. Brewer Scatter Creek WMA sign; turn right and go one mile to firing range.

    Please be sure to bring a 2' x 2' piece of cardboard to clip to the target holder.

    Safety Rules

    • Range is open sunrise to sunset. (Range may be closed by AGFC as needed.)
    • No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on range site.
    • Any legal firearm and ammunition (no fully automatic firearms, armor-piercing or tracer ammunition) may be used on firing range.
    • Keep all firearms unloaded and muzzles pointed in a safe direction when not firing. Firearms must be placed on shooting bench pointed downrange before loading. Actions on uncased firearms must be open when not on firing line.
    • All persons are to remain behind the shooter while firing is taking place.
    • No firing shall be allowed while anyone is downrange. While people are downrange, all firearms must be unloaded and no firearms are to be handled.
    • Firearms shall be fired only from designated stations on the concrete shooting line into the embankment at stationary paper targets. Targets shall not be placed higher than 5 feet above ground level.
    • Only one person may shoot from each designated location at any given time. Youths 15 and younger must be supervised by a responsible adult 21 years or older.
    • All targets, brass and other items used must be removed and properly disposed of before leaving.
    • WARNING: Improper handling of a firearm is an inherently dangerous activity. Failure to exercise proper caution and abide by appropriate safety measures may result in severe injury or death. Participants and visitors assume all risk or injury. The AGFC is not responsible for any injuries that may occur.

    Violation of any rules posted are subject to a citation with a penalty of $100 to $1,000.

  • Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Nature Center Shotgun Range, Columbus

    Skeet, trap and 3-D archery

    Address: 1685 CR35N, Columbus 71831
    Phone: 501-214-1997
    Hours: By appointment only, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, except state holidays.
    Appointments for Saturday must be made by 4 p.m. Friday.

    This range is in rural Hempstead County in Southwest Arkansas, off Highway 73 near Columbus, Arkansas.

    General Range Rules

    • Persons bringing loaded firearms to the range will be barred from shooting for one business day and may be cited. Firearms are considered loaded if shells or cartridges are in the chamber, magazine or cylinder. Removable magazines and cylinders may be loaded as long as they are locked separately from the firearm.
    • No firearms are allowed inside any buildings without permission from Commission staff.
    • Always keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Treat all guns as if they were loaded.
    • Firearms must remain unloaded with the action open until you are on your shooting station.
    • Firearms may be loaded only while the shooter is on a firing station with the muzzle pointed downrange.
    • Shooters must register with the range officer before going to the firing station.
    • Non-shooters must remain behind the shooting area.
    • Guests are liable for damage they cause to Commission property.
    • Shooters and guests are strictly prohibited from entering into trap and skeet houses or attempting to service or refill trap, skeet or sporting clay machines.
    • Only one shell may be loaded at a time. Two shells may be loaded only if shooting doubles on the skeet range.
    • No drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed. People who have been drinking or appear impaired will be barred from the range.
    • Shooters are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    • Shooters and guests must obey all range commands of the range officer.
    • Shooters must be accompanied by an individual who can operate the range controls.
    • Shooters are responsible for policing litter and cartridge cases from around their shooting station.
    • Young shooters must stay within an arm’s reach of an adult while on the firing line.
    • Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times on the firing line.
    • Violation of any range rule will result in a loss of shooting privileges.
    • Each shooter must provide their own gun and shells.


    Guidelines for Coaches

    This applies to coaches and athletes only. Fees for Youth Shooting Sports teams engaged in practice sessions at the shooting range are $2 per person per round.

    • Operating hours are Tuesday- Saturday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. by appointment only.
    • Team practices only. Not individual coaches or students wanting to shoot.
    • Call ahead for appointment, 870-983-2790.
    • Payment for rounds will be accepted only from Youth Shooting Sports coaches (students or parents may not pay for rounds).

    The range officer will have Youth Shooting Sports 20 gauge Beretta Shotguns on-site for you to check out.

    Remember to respect the range, range officers and equipment.

  • Fred Berry Crooked Creek Nature Center Range, Yellville

    Trap and archery only

    Address: 851 Conservation Lane, Yellville, AR 72687
    Phone: 870-218-4387

    Call Fred Berry Crooked Creek Nature Center for hours of operation and availability.

  • Potlatch Cook's Lake Nature Center Range, Casscoe

    Trap and archery only

    Address: 625 Cooks Lake Rd, Casscoe, AR 72026
    Phone: 501-404-2321

    Call Potlatch Cook's Lake Nature Center for hours of operation and availability.

AGFC Partnership Ranges

  • Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Sports Complex, Jacksonville

    Skeet, trap and archery only

    Address: 2800 Graham Road, Jacksonville, AR 72076
    Phone: 501-431-2236
    Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. (Fall/Winter 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) Wednesday-Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
    Exceptions: League Night shoots or tournaments. 

    This state-of-­the-­art public shooting range facility opened on January 25, 2014. The multi-use complex, a partnership between the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation and the City of Jacksonville, is the largest of its kind in the state. It includes 14 trap fields, three skeet overlays, a 3-D archery range, three lit fields, two pavilions, a lake, and a 5,100 square foot clubhouse that includes a 100 seat classroom. Future plans for this site include a rifle and pistol range. Currently, the range only allows shotguns for trap or skeet, no rifle or pistol.

    To reserve the range for club or organizational events, contact:
    Jerry Hill, Range Manager
    Rick Carter, Asst. Range Manager

    Call 501-241-2441 to schedule use of the range or rental of the classroom and/or pavilions. The range and classroom can be utilized for special events for companies, clubs, churches, or other organization. Contact the range for prices.

    Range Fees

    • $3 per person per round for all students and coaches who hold a certified Youth Shooting Sports practice. YSS coaches must provide YSS Coach Certificate Card. Payments must be made by coach only.
    • $5 per person per round for Jacksonville residents (proof of residence required at sign in).
    • $6 per person per round for skeet or trap (25 shot round).
  • Paul H. "Rocky" Willmuth Sport Shooting Complex, Batesville

    Skeet, trap and archery only

    Address: 3600 N. St. Louis Street, Batesville, AR 72501
    Phone: 870-698-0361
    Hours: Feb. 1-Nov. 30 1 p.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday-Friday and Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday | Dec.-Jan. Open Sundays weather permitting. Updates are emailed to our distribution list and Facebook.

    Range Fees

    • Adults: $7 per round of 25 ($13 with shells included)
    • Children age 18 or under: $3 per round of 25 targets ($10 with shells included)
    • College Students: $5 per round of 25 ($11 with shells included)
    • Active Military: $6 per round
  • Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex, Jonesboro

    Pistol, rifle, skeet, trap, 5-stand, known-distance and 3D archery

    Address: 3702 Moore Rd, Jonesboro, AR 72401
    Phone: 870-933-4604
    Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Summer hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day): Wednesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

  • Warren Shooting Sports Complex, Warren

    Pistol, rifle, skeet, trap and known-distance archery

    Address: 323 Bradley 38 Rd, Warren, AR 71671
    Phone: 870-820-1428
    Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 1- 5 p.m.