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AWAP Grants
Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan

Congress allocates funding annually for bird, wildlife and habitat conservation programs in this country through its State Wildlife Grant program. Each state is responsible for implementing its own plans and management strategies for effective wildlife conservation based on its State Wildlife Action Plan.

States use these funds in a variety of creative and cost-effective ways to stop the decline of species. For example, some states have initiated programs to identify Important Bird Areas, and others have identified effective strategies to fight invasive species.

The need to protect many species has never been greater. For decades, federal funding has focused primarily on conservation of important game species, and those programs have been enormously successful. At the same time, the population of many non-game species – those species that are not hunted or fished - has fallen dramatically. The declines are due, in large part, to a lack of attention and resources to conserve these species.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission began receiving funding through State Wildlife Grants in October 2001. The following table reflects all State Wildlife Grant funds allocated to the AGFC by year:

State Wildlife Grants
 Federal FY Amount
2019 $597,556
2018 $587,426
2017 $581,069
2016 $577,051
2015 $533,622
2014 $543,955
2013 $546,577
2012 $555,393
2011 $538,672
2010 $892,097
2009 $711,348
2008 $718,675
2007 $709,703
2006 $704,803
2005 $725,283
2004 $714,925
2003 $673,685
2002 $906,455
2001 $565,290