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Wildlife Management Areas
Where to Hunt

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission offers some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities around. The agency has acquired and purchased land to offer outdoor enthusiasts places to hunt, fish and enjoy the great outdoors. These designated areas are set aside by the Commission and distinguished by certain markers. Each WMA is considered a separate zone with regard to wildlife regulations. With more than 100 wildlife management areas spanning thousands of acres, the AGFC offers nearly every Arkansan ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors close to home.

Go to General WMA Regulations for information that applies to all WMAs. 

Title Type Zone County Coverage
Alum Fork Natural Area WMA 101 Saline
Bayou Des Arc WMA 005 Prairie
Bearcat Hollow WMA 015 Newton, Searcy
Beaver Lake WMA 020 Benton, Carroll, Madison, Washington
Bell Slough WMA 022 Faulkner, Pulaski
Benson Creek Natural Area WMA 023 Monroe, Woodruff
Beryl Anthony Lower Ouachita WMA 025 Ashley, Union
Big Lake WMA 040 Mississippi
Big Timber WMA 045 Clark, Dallas, Nevada, Pike
Blevins WMA 055 Hempstead
Blue Mountain WMA 060 Logan, Yell
Brewer Lake/Cypress Creek WMA 075 Conway
Brushy Creek WMA 077 Cross
Buck Island WMA 078 Phillips
Buffalo National River WMA 080 Baxter, Marion, Newton, Searcy
Camp Robinson SUA 100 Faulkner
Camp Robinson WMA 110 Faulkner, Pulaski
Caney Creek WMA 120 Howard, Montgomery, Pike, Polk
Casey Jones WMA 125 Ashley, Bradley, Drew
Cattail Marsh WMA 126 Greene
Cedar Creek WMA 127 Scott
Cedar Mountain WMA 123 Perry, Saline
Cherokee Prairie Natural Area WMA 130 Franklin
Cherokee WMA 128 Cleburne, Conway, Independence, Logan, Pope, Scott, Stone, Van Buren, White
Cove Creek Natural Area WMA 134 Conway, Faulkner
Crossett Experimental Forest WMA 136 Ashley
Cut-Off Creek WMA 138 Drew
Cypress Bayou WMA 140 Lonoke, White
Dardanelle WMA 160 Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Pope, Yell
Dave Donaldson Black River WMA 170 Clay, Greene, Randolph
DeGray Lake WMA 173 Clark, Hot Spring
Departee Creek WMA 175 White
De Queen Lake WMA 176 Sevier
Devils Eyebrow Natural Area WMA 179 Benton, Carroll
Devil's Knob Natural Area WMA 177 Izard
Dr. Lester Sitzes III Bois D'Arc WMA 180 Hempstead
Earl Buss Bayou DeView WMA 210 Poinsett
Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA 213 Conway, Pope
Electric Island WMA 215 Garland
Ethel WMA 217 Arkansas
Falcon Bottoms Natural Area WMA 219 Columbia, Lafayette, Nevada
Fort Chaffee WMA 230 Crawford, Franklin, Logan, Sebastian
Foushee Cave Natural Area WMA 231 Cleburne, Independence
Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA/Deer Research Area East Unit 133 Desha
Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA/Deer Research Area West Unit 132 Desha
Frierson WMA 234 Greene
Frog Bayou WMA 235 Crawford
Galla Creek WMA 240 Pope, Yell
Garrett Hollow Natural Area WMA 245 Washington
Gene Rush WMA 250 Newton, Searcy
George H. Dunklin Jr. Bayou Meto WMA 010 Arkansas, Jefferson
Greers Ferry Lake WMA 270 Cleburne, Van Buren
Gum Flats WMA 282 Little River
Hall Creek Barrens Natural Area WMA 286 Cleveland
Harold E. Alexander Spring River WMA 290 Sharp
Harris Brake WMA 300 Perry
H. E. Flanagan Prairie Natural Area WMA 284 Franklin
Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA 310 White, Woodruff
Hobbs State Park Conservation Area WMA 320 Benton, Carroll, Madison
Holland Bottoms WMA 340 Lonoke, Pulaski
Hope Upland WMA 360 Hempstead
Howard County WMA 370 Howard
Howard Hensley - Searcy Co. WMA 372 Searcy
Iron Mountain Natural Area WMA 375 Polk
Jack Mountain WMA 381 Garland, Hot Spring
Jamestown Independence County WMA 385 Cleburne, Independence
Jim Kress WMA 387 Cleburne, White
Jones Point WMA 390 Marion
J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUA 380 Logan
Kingsland Prairie Natural Area WMA 395 Cleveland
Lafayette County WMA 400 Lafayette
Lake Greeson WMA 410 Howard, Pike
Lake Overcup WMA 411 Conway
Lee County WMA 412 Lee, St. Francis
Lee Creek WMA 413 Crawford, Washington
Little Bayou WMA 415 Ashley
Little River WMA 417 Hempstead, Little River
Loafer's Glory WMA 420 Marion, Searcy
Longview Saline Natural Area WMA 423 Ashley, Bradley
Maumelle River WMA 425 Pulaski
McIlroy Madison County WMA 430 Carroll, Madison
Mike Freeze Wattensaw WMA 433 Prairie
Moro Big Pine Natural Area WMA 445 Calhoun
Mount Magazine WMA 450 Logan, Yell
Muddy Creek WMA 460 Montgomery, Scott, Yell
Nacatoch Ravines Natural Area WMA 465 Hempstead
Nimrod Lloyd Millwood WMA 470 Perry, Yell
Norfork Lake WMA 480 Baxter, Fulton
Ozan WMA 495 Hempstead
Ozark Lake WMA 500 Crawford, Franklin, Sebastian
Palmetto Flats Natural Area WMA 507 Little River
Petit Jean River WMA 510 Yell
Pine City Natural Area WMA 516 Monroe
Piney Creeks WMA 520 Conway, Johnson, Newton, Pope, Searcy, Van Buren
Poison Springs WMA 530 Nevada, Ouachita
Prairie Bayou WMA 535 Lonoke
Provo WMA 537 Sevier
Railroad Prairie Natural Area WMA 539 Lonoke, Prairie
Rainey WMA 540 Pope
Rex Hancock Black Swamp WMA 550 Woodruff
Rick Evans Grandview Prairie WMA 551 Hempstead
Ring Slough WMA 552 Clay
River Bend WMA 553 Perry
Robert L. Hankins Mud Creek WMA 555 Randolph
Roth Prairie Natural Area WMA 560 Arkansas
Sandhills Natural Area WMA 562 Miller
Scott Henderson Gulf Mountain WMA 280 Van Buren
Seven Devils WMA 570 Drew
Sheffield Nelson Dagmar WMA 575 Monroe, Woodruff
Shirey Bay Rainey Brake WMA 580 Lawrence
Slippery Hollow Natural Area WMA 583 Marion
Spring Bank WMA 585 Lafayette, Miller
Stateline Sand Ponds Natural Area WMA 604 Clay
Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA 605 White
St. Francis National Forest WMA 590 Lee, Phillips
St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA 600 Clay, Craighead, Greene, Poinsett
Stone Prairie WMA 608 Faulkner
Sulphur River WMA 610 Miller
Sweden Creek Natural Area WMA 615 Madison, Newton
Sylamore WMA 620 Baxter, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone
Terre Noire Natural Area WMA 625 Clark
Trusten Holder WMA 630 Arkansas, Desha
Two Bayou Creek WMA 633 Ouachita
U of A Pine Tree Experimental Station WDA 635 Cross, St. Francis
Village Creek WMA 521 Jackson
Warren Prairie Natural Area WMA 645 Bradley, Drew
W. E. Brewer Scatter Creek WMA 675 Greene
Wedington WMA 653 Benton, Washington
White Cliffs Natural Area WMA 654 Little River, Sevier
Whitehall WMA 655 Poinsett
White Rock WMA 670 Madison
Winona WMA 680 Garland, Perry, Saline