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Fish Attractors
Fish Attractor

The AGFC places fish attractors made of cane, brush, trees and PVC in many Arkansas lakes to help anglers find fish throughout the year. In many cases local anglers, federal agencies and other partners help in the creation and placement of these fish attractors. Anglers also are encouraged to build attractors of their own to create hidden fishing hot spots. It is important to call the owner of the lake where you would like to sink fish attractors to make sure they are allowed.

The files below can be loaded into Lowrance and Humminbird depth finders with gps capability or into any gps enabled device that supports .gpx files, using a memory card (typically an SD or micro-SD card) or the device's on-board memory. 

Watch our YouTube Videos on how to download and install fish attractor files on your GPS unit 

Download Instructions

  • Insert your fish finder’s memory card into your computer.
  • Find the lake you are interested in and click the link in the column for your GPS unit or fish finder brand to begin download.
  • After the file is downloaded, go to your browser’s download location to find the file. Right-click over the new file and select “Copy.”
  • Find the file name of the fish finder’s memory card and click it to open– you will find it listed under My Computer on the left side of Explorer.
  • Open the folder indicated in your unit’s user manual.  For Humminbird this is usually the "MATRIX" folder. 
  • Right click anywhere in the window and click “Paste” to place the file on the card. 
  • Follow your unit’s user manual to load the file onto your unit using the memory card.
Waterbody Humminbird Lowrance GPX
Atkins Lake Atkins HWR Atkins USR Atkins GPX
Barnett Lake Barnett HWR Barnett USR Barnett GPX
Bear Creek Lake Bear Creek HWR Bear Creek USR Bear Creek GPX
Beaverfork Lake Beaverfork HWR Beaverfork USR Beaverfork GPX
Blue Mountain Lake Blue Mountain HWR Blue Mountain USR Blue Mountain GPX
Bono Lake Bono HWR Bono USR Bono GPX
Bragg Lake Bragg HWR Bragg USR Bragg GPX
Brewer Lake Brewer HWR Brewer USR Brewer GPX
Bois'D Arc Lake Bois D'Arc HWR Bois D'Arc USR Bois D'Arc GPX
Bull Shoals Lake Bull Shoals HWR Bull Shoals USR Bull Shoals GPX
Beaver Lake Beaver HWR Beaver USR Beaver GPX
Cargile Lake Cargile HWR Cargile USR Cargile GPX
Charles Lake Charles HWR Charles USR Charles GPX
Chicot Lake Chicot HWR Chicot USR Chicot GPX
Conway Lake Conway HWR Conway USR Conway GPX
Columbia Lake Columbia HWR Columbia USR Columbia GPX
Craighead Lake Craighead HWR Craighead USR Craighead GPX
Dardanelle Lake Dardanelle HWR Dardanelle USR Dardanelle GPX
DeGray Lake DeGray HWR DeGray USR DeGray GPX
Des Arc Lake Des Arc HWR Des Arc USR Des Arc GPX
DeQueen Lake DeQueen HWR DeQueen USR DeQueen GPX
Dieffenbacher Lake Dieffenbacher HWR Dieffenbacher USR Dieffenbacher GPX
Dierks Lake Dierks HWR Dierks USR Dierks GPX
Dunn Lake Dunn HWR Dunn USR Dunn GPX
Elmdale Lake Elmdale HWR Elmdale USR Elmdale GPX
First Old River Lake First Old River HWR First Old River USR First Old River GPX
Frierson Lake Frierson HWR Frierson USR Frierson GPX
Gillham Lake Gillham HWR Gillham USR Gillham GPX
Greers Ferry Lake Greers Ferry HWR Greers Ferry USR Greers Ferry GPX
Greeson Lake Greeson HWR Greeson USR Greeson GPX
Gurdon Lake Gurdon HWR Gurdon USR Gurdon GPX
Hamilton Lake Hamilton HWR Hamilton USR Hamilton GPX
Harris Brake Lake Harris Brake HWR Harris Brake HSR Harris Brake GPX
Horsehead Lake Horsehead HWR Horsehead USR Horsehead GPX
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe HWR Horseshoe USR Horseshoe GPX
Hogue Lake Lower Hogue Lower HWR Hogue Lower USR Hogue Lower GPX
Hunter Lake Hunter HWR Hunter USR Hunter GPX
Jewett Lake Jewett HWR Jewett USR Jewett GPX
June Lake June HWR June USR June GPX
Mallard Lake Mallard HWR Mallard USR Mallard GPX
Maumelle Lake Maumelle HWR Maumelle USR Maumelle GPX
Mercer Bayou Mercer HWR Mercer USR Mercer GPX
Mike and Janet Huckabee Youth and Senior Pond Mike and Janet HWR Mike and Janet USR Mike and Janet GPX
Millwood Lake Millwood HWR Millwood USR Millwood GPX
Monticello Lake Monticello HWR Monticello USR Monticello GPX
Nimrod Lake Nimrod HWR Nimrod USR Nimrod GPX
Norfork Lake Norfork HWR Norfork USR Norfork GPX
Ouachita Lake Ouachita HWR Ouachita USR Ouachita GPX
Overcup Lake Overcup HWR Overcup USR Overcup GPX
Pickthorne Lake Pickthorne HWR Pickthorne USR Pickthorne GPX
Poinsett Lake Poinsett HWR Poinsett USR Poinsett GPX
South Fork Lake South Fork HWR South Fork USR South Fork GPX
Storm Creek Lake Storm Creek HWR Storm Creek USR Storm Creek GPX
Sugarloaf Lake Sugarloaf HWR Sugarloaf USR Sugarloaf GPX
Swepco Lake Swepco HWR Swepco USR Swepco GPX
Table Rock Lake Table Rock HWR Table Rock USR Table Rock GPX
Terre Noire Lake Terre Noire HWR Terre Noire USR Terre Noire GPX
Tri County Lake Tri County HWR Tri County USR Tri County GPX
Walcott Lake Walcott HWR Walcott USR Walcott GPX
White Oak Lake Lower White Oak Lake Lower HWR White Oak Lake Lower USR White Oak Lake Lower GPX
White Oak Lake Upper White Oak Lake Upper HWR White Oak Lake Upper USR White Oak Lake Upper GPX
Willastein Lake Willastein HWR Willastein USR Willastein GPX