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Release of Animals into the Wild
Captive Wildlife

Wildlife may not be released into the wild without prior approval of the AGFC with these exceptions:

  • A licensed Gamebird Shooting Resort may release captive-raised quail, pheasant, or chukar in accordance with the terms of their permit.
  • A licensed wildlife rehabilitator may release native wildlife other than mountain lions.
  • Raccoons, foxes, coyotes or pen-raised quail used for AKC, UKC and ACHA-sanctioned field trials may be released with the approval of the Chief of Wildlife Management.
  • Pen-raised quail and pheasants may be taken by holders of a Shoot-to-kill Bird Dog Field Training Permit or a Shoot-to-kill Bird Dog Field Trial Permit.
  • Landowners and nuisance wildlife control operators may livetrap nuisance wildlife outside the legal harvest season and release to the wild. Traps must be marked with the user’s identification.