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Sept. 27, 2023

Randy Zellers Assistant Chief of Communications

MAYFLOWER — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is doubling down on its “Cash In on Conway” fishing promotion, increasing the prize money for each tagged fish from $500 to $1,000.

The AGFC released 55 fish of all sizes in July outfitted with neon yellow tags. Any angler who catches a tagged fish can visit and submit the tag’s unique serial number by Oct. 31 to claim their prize.

“We’ve only had two reward tags turned in so far,” AGFC Education Chief Tabbi Kinion said. “With roughly one month to go in the promotion and the water level dropping, we wanted to do everything we can to get people out to enjoy Lake Conway before the renovation begins.”

Cash In on Conway The renovation of Lake Conway was announced at a press conference in June and is expected to take up to five years to complete.

In addition to the tagged fish promotion, the AGFC lifted all daily creel limits on fish to enable anglers to catch and keep as many fish as they wanted before the lake is completely drained. Most of the lake’s fish population will exit the lake through the existing spillway into Palarm Creek and the Arkansas River downstream.

For more information on the renovation of Lake Conway, visit